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Why Do Our Pet Snakes Yawn?

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If you have a pet snake or if it’s your Emotional Support Animal, whether it’s an Emotional Support Animal or not you may have been curious at some point! So if it’s not sleepiness, then why DO snakes “yawn”? And are they actually even yawning at all?

Reason Why Snakes Yawn

Snakes frequently eat prey that is larger than their heads. They temporarily dislocate their jaws to allow the food item to pass into the throat. After the snake is done swallowing, it yawns to force its jaw back into normal position.

When a snake yawns, it exposes its windpipe allowing better airflow. Frequent yawning is a sign of pneumonia or another respiratory disease. Snakes are subject to bacterial and fungal infections from the prey they eat.


  1. I’m sorry but some of those facts are wrong while the yawning is correct . The stated fact of them dislocating its jaw is not. The snakes do not dislocated their jaws they have a special made jaw that allows them to open it alot wider as well as their lower jaw not being fused in the middle but a tendon in the middle allowing them to open it and split their jaws

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