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Why does my cat lick me? 7 possible reasons

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This is an opinion piece: As a Catlover, you’ve probably seen that cats won’t stop trying to lick and clean their fur. They are very clean and constantly groom themselves to remove any loose hair or parasites or dirt. His tongue is rough to achieve this goal.

But why does the cat lick me?

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Cats’ behavior raises a lot of doubt about how unpredictable they are. If your cat licks you, you might be wondering why. There are many reasons why cats lick you.

1. Expressing affection

It could be a show of affection towards you and want to keep you clean (no, it’s not that the cat lets you know that you haven’t taken a shower for days, you dirty). You should know that if your cat licks you, it is because they have a powerful emotional bond with you, just as they would between members of the same litter or cats that live together. It often occurs when the cat is quite happy and comfortable in its zone.

2. Socialization

The licking of the cat towards other cats is a way of socializing among them, but as we mentioned, cats will only lick other cats or humans that they think are part of the “family.” It’s not uncommon for cats to lick humans, so take it as a compliment!

3. Reduce anxiety

If your cat constantly licks obsessively, it can lead to anxiety or stress as anxiety is one of the common causes of blood in cat stool with some other symptoms. You have to distinguish between normal licks (if he licks hard and hurts himself), which can be harmful. If so, it is essential to discuss the reason with your veterinarian.

4. Identify areas

We already know that everything the cat touches, caresses, and licks is his and his property. The cat has saliva with a powerful smell, and surely if it licks you, it will want to impregnate you with its own smell. Yes, you are his.

cat lick me

5. Play

If you’re playing and your cat licks you, it means he’s having a great time! So don’t cut him off. Cats have a solid bond with you.

6. You smell like food

And that’s it. You just smell like food. You may have been cooking, you have touched something, and some smell has been impregnated that attracts your cat to lick your hand. 

What to do when a cat licked me

It’s best to enjoy adorable licking unless it’s a sign of anxiety, stress, or self-harm. That’s how you know you are their family.

Kittens often bite and lick, but many adult cats also have fun that way. It may sometimes bite a little harder than usual. Although it is difficult to determine why my cat bites, since there may be different reasons that lead him to do it, generally, your cat will lick and bite you gently to play and have fun.  
If your cat doesn’t like to lick you, be patient, don’t be dumb or angry. Always try to keep your cat happy. He won’t understand why you react that way when what he’s doing is positive and a sign of affection and family ties.

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