Why Dogs Like To Protect Their Masters

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A dog’s natural instinct is to protect its owner and family, but not every dog is the same. Some breeds are known to be more protective than others. But I think we can all agree that out of every pet you could own, dogs are one of the most protective ones on earth. But why? Dogs are born with natural protective instincts and can sense a lot of things we as humans may have never even known. Some even say that’s one of the reasons dogs were put on earth. To sense human behaviors and know how to comfort us when we are sad, sick, or in need of medical help. Want to know what a dog can sense that we humans can’t, and what makes a dog so protective? Keep reading, and you’ll find out. 

What can a dog sense that humans can’t?


Dog’s keen sense of smell can target someone with cancer before they are tested. Scientists have done a study that showed 98% accuracy in the results of dogs recognizing cancer using the scent of urine. They decided to check this when they noticed a few dog owners would test positive for breast cancer after their dog began pressing their nose up to their chest and acting weirder than usual, by not wanting to go on walks or be as active. Dog’s noses are so remarkably greater than humans that while we can smell a spoon of sugar in a cup of coffee or drink, a dog can smell a spoon of sugar in two Olympic sized swimming pools. 

Blood Pressure

Some dog owners with diabetes say that their dog can sense when they are having nightmares or night sweats, they also detect when their owner’s blood sugar is about to drop dangerously. They do this by sensing the chemical changes inside the body. 


You probably already know that dogs are used to help disabled children or family members, but what about when it comes to seizures? Did you know that some dogs can sense a seizure 10 to 20 minutes before it happens? They can even help people with seizures by positioning them in a way that helps them breathe. Scientists are still trying to discover how they can sense this process before it starts. If we were able to see and track these chemical changes in the human body as a dog does, the medical field would change ecstatically.


Dogs know when you are afraid because of the chemical change in your body. When a person is stressed, they begin to sweat, just like when a person is worried, they start releasing adrenaline. This is why most dogs know when you pretend to attack a family member and when it is real. The chemical change in your body is entirely different than that of a calm, relaxed person, and some dogs can feel and sense that. 

What makes a dog so protective of their owners?

Dogs were created as a man’s best friend. Since the beginning of time, dogs were used to protect valuable items, humans, and households. But what makes dogs so protective? Dogs are born with a naturally sensitive nose, sensitive to smells and chemicals. Unlike us humans, dogs can sense the chemical changes in our bodies when we are nervous, scared, or sick. Because of this and their fantastic instinct to care for their owner, they can help humans when needed most. A dog is a loyal pet, easy to love and easy to fall for. A dog’s instinct is to protect those that are closest to them, and once they feel an attachment to a human, their main goal and purpose is to care for them. 

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