Why Every Freelancer Needs a Pet?

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The number of people who quit their full-time jobs and turn to freelance has increased by 27% since 2013. People want to earn more money in the sphere they are masters in and don’t want to conform to chiefs.

We all associate freelancing with traveling the world and working at the same time, and executing easy tasks whenever freelancers want. Besides benefits, this type of work has a lot of pitfalls that you probably haven’t known about. Mostly, these drawbacks are related to the state of mental health of freelancers who work with no official vacations, a constant number of clients, and the ability to change the country every month. 

Therefore, we would like to mention what pros and cons freelancing offers and how dogs can improve the quality of your freelance job by improving your mental and physical health. 

Pros and cons of freelancing


Working with different clients and brands

Foremost, freelancing gives you thousands of different opportunities to partner with a great variety of clients starting from the local small brands to large global enterprises. Surely, to get a huge client, you need to gain a certain amount of knowledge and experience in your sphere. It is okay to make jobs for free or for a little money in the beginning, as each client will expand your portfolio and develop your skills and reputation in the niche. 

Working without reference to the place and schedule

This benefit is supposed to be the most wanted among people who want to change their office job to freelancing. All you need to have is a good-quality laptop and a sustainable Internet connection to chat with clients and execute your projects. Besides, you select the best hours to work according to the initial deadlines set by clients. Flexible working schedules entail more effective work as you mentally understand that you are not forced to sit in the office for 8-9 hours every day. 

You impact your income

As a freelancer, you are the founder and director of your firm. Eventually, you decide how many clients you can partner with at the same time and what your capabilities are in project execution. When you feel the need to increase your income, you just easily look for another new client. When you feel you need a rest, you can boldly take a vacation for the time you require.


Search for new clients is not always successful

The number of clients you work with on a regular basis depends on your efforts and free time. But, due to writing service reviews Trust My Paper, not all these clients offer long-term cooperation. Some of them require your services to execute only one project, and then they leave. Eventually, you have to look for new clients every month to keep your income at a suitable level for you. However, the search is not always successful as there are hundreds of other freelancers in this industry who offer the same services and rates. So it provides a huge risk to your income as you still need to pay taxes, apartment rent, car, and other expenses. 

Freelancing is not about constant changing location

Surely, freelancers are open to the world and can travel and work at the same time. Despite the flexible working hours, you still need to dedicate a huge amount of time to your projects, which limits the frequency of changing the location. There are also periods when you need to go back home for several months, which can be very harmful to your mental health. For instance, if you have been living in sunny California for several months, and now you are going back to rainy London, the difference in climates and environment is significant.

Working alone and poor social life

As a freelancer, you don’t have to obey your boss, but you also have no colleagues. You work on your own all the time, no matter what country and place you are currently in. Also, due to constant changes in locations, you don’t see your family and your friends for a long time. The activity of your social life decreases, which can lead to mental burnout and even depression, which is very serious for your health. 

Why do freelancers need a dog?

Summing up the pros and cons of freelancing, we can say that freelancing is good for your job and income but can be harmful and dangerous for your mental health. So our strong recommendation is to have a dog for you as a freelancer. If you think that traveling with a dog is complicated, we want to assure you that you will be surely excited to travel the world with your new best friend. To highlight the reasons why freelancers need a dog based on custom service reviews Writing Judge, these are the following.

The dog keeps your daily schedule tight

Surely, the dog cannot control your working and resting hours. However, freelancing is not about sleeping until 12pm and working until 3 am to execute all tasks by deadlines. Such time distribution is wrong and harmful to your physical and mental health. The dog needs to be walked at least twice a day, it needs to be fed, to be played with, and other staff. So,  having will force you to get up earlier to go for a walk, will teach you the responsibility to cook or order food only for yourself, and will also teach you to go to sleep earlier so as not to disturb your neighbor, etc.

The dog is responsible for emotional support

We all have good days and bad days at work as well as in our personal life. Even freelancers are not immune from challenging days at work, for instance, the client didn’t like the outcome, didn’t pay for your work or canceled the project. Surely, it is not the end of the era, but it seems to be in the moments like that. Your dog is always near to support you, to be near in such difficult moments and actually feel and understand your pain. Sometimes you don’t need the words of support, you need someone to be near you and go through the challenges with you. 

The dog decreases the stress 

According to scientific research found on writing service reviews Best Writers Online, having a dog really influences your physical and mental health. It was proven that dogs increase the activity of the social life thereby lowering your blood pressure which is a common thing in stress, increasing oxytocin hormone which is responsible for a good mood, and reducing the symptoms of deep stress and depression. So the dog is not just a faithful friend, but also a great helper in improving your health and life overall. 

In conclusion

Having a dog makes your life brighter and different. You will have to go out and walk several times a day which is good for physical health, meet new people while walking which is good for mental health and have a reliable friend for many years. There also should be no worries about traveling with a pet, as all airlines are pet-friendly and allow taking dogs with documents in carry-on cabins.


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