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Why You May Want To Get Yourself A Cat

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Cats are undoubtedly the most loved choice for pets, and many people like to have more than one cat in their homes. Some want them as they enjoy cuddling them, while others like the independent nature as cats do not demand constant care. Cats are of different breeds, and choosing one is not an easy task. Most cats appear cute and fascinating, but you need to pick one your ease. Keeping a cat requires some preparation on the owner’s end as well. The environment where you want to keep the cat holds significance. An energetic breed of cats would turn the house upside down if you do not provide them with outdoor space. Cats are generally low maintenance, but that does not mean that they do not need any care from their owners.

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Some people think that cats are demanding, snobbish, and indifferent to their owners. Recent studies have proven otherwise, and cats’ owners have reported that they are great companions. 

Below we are listing down a few reasons that will convince you to have a cat:

  1. Reduce Stress Level

The contemporary world is highly competitive, and today people of all ages deal with stress. Depression is on the rise, and more and more people are now seeking help to cope up with stress. Having cats as a pet has therapeutic effects. Cats are wondrous animals as they have mood-boosting powers. Owners of cats have commented that spending fifteen to thirty minutes a day with cats puts them in a better mood, and they feel more energized. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that goes up when you feel right about something. While Cortisol, a compound, goes down when someone is in stress and affects the functioning of the body. When you play or cuddle with cats, Serotonin levels rise and bring Cortisol to a lower point. Stress and anxiety are the root cause of major diseases, and having a cat at home gives you relief in distress.

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  • Naturally Clean

Most cats are naturally clean, and they tend to cover or bury their waste. Due to their instincts, cats are comparatively easy to train and do not require much effort. They prefer going in nature to relieve themselves. If you do not have a yard, you can prepare your cat to use a litter box. Picking the right litter box can make the training process a breeze. It should be durable with proper exit and entrance points so that your cat can use it on its own. 

  • A Great Companion

Cats are easily adaptable and can accompany you at different stages of your life. You can train your cat to your verbal instructions, and it will start responding to your cues in a few weeks. Cats can be an outstanding cuddle partner, and they love it when you give them a massage. When you enter your house after a busy day, they usually jump up to your lap for some pats, which is an excellent relaxing mechanism. They are a loving being with playful and kid-friendly nature that keeps you entertained and amused. 

  • Cats Stay Happy Indoors

Some animals demand frequent outdoor visits and fuss if their owner fails to take them out. Cats do not complain while staying indoors. They can remain happy playing with toys, watching television, and roaming around the house. It would be best to keep your cat busy and active by playing such games with them that require physical movements. Some cats are energetic and love exploration. They need space to maneuver, and you will often find them in corners exploring stuff. Initially, it takes time to train cats, but once you have done so, cats are very easy to keep. 

  • Cats Are Not Costly Pets

Cats are smaller in size, and they can easily adjust to compact homes. Their toys, food supplies, and vet care are economical. Cats often do not demand toys, as they can play with boxes, plastic bottles, or anything they find in their reach. Their routine vaccinations do not cost much, and their food habits are conveniently manageable. If cats get proper care and nutrition, they do not get sick very often, and their medical bill is usually nominal. Although insurance for your cat is not mandatory, it helps in providing excellent healthcare in an emergency. 


Cats are lovely to have around as they are very affectionate. Cats are responsible and can practically take care of themselves. If you are dealing with stress issues, having a cat in your home can help you. Some cat owners have commented that they sleep better with cats in beds. Cats are not noisy; they can roam about in pin-drop silence without making any noise. Overall, their low-maintenance nature makes them an excellent choice for pets.

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