Yorkshire Terrier & what they’re all about

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Classified as a Toy dog, the Yorkshire Terrier may be small, but they are big in terms of how much fun you can have with them! They’re very playful, happy and keen to please, the Yorkie makes a great companion for all ages.

About the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers may be tiny, but these dogs have big personalities, and don’t they just know how amazing they are! These little fuzzy fur balls have so much to offer!

One of the smallest breeds of dog, not only are Yorkies incredibly loving, but they can enjoy plenty of activities and excitement with their favorite humans.

Yorkshire Terriers can be quite protective over their people and properties, but they will never be vicious or aggressive, making them great family pets. They’re also good with children and other pets.

Yorkies will bark when people come into the house but, as with any breed, you can train them into better behavior, but if you let them bark, they will bark. It’s down to the owner to train them and let them know who’s boss.

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“If there’s a bigger dog in your house, then the Yorkshire Terrier will be in charge!” Diana adds. “It’s like they have ‘small dog syndrome’ — a small dog with a big mouth! But they’re such personalities and they’re extremely loving.”

Despite his small stature, the Yorkshire Terrier is brilliant at activities such as agility and obedience, with many classes offering ‘mini agility’ for smaller dogs.

Due to their small size and loving natures, Yorkies make excellent companions for elderly people. They don’t need much exercise and are very small and loving dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier health and care

Yorkshire Terriers can be prone to cataracts, which tend to develop as they get older, from around 13 years and over.

If you get a long-haired Yorkie, you’ll need to give his coat a daily brush, or have him clipped regularly. The Yorkie coat is very fine, much like human hair, it needs extra care and attention if you intend to keep it long, and especially if you intend to show your dog.

The history of the Yorkshire Terrier

The breed dates back as far as the 1800s and owes its origins to the old working Black and Tan Terrier, with infusions of Maltese and Skye Terrier blood.

The Yorkshire Terrier is the result of cross breeding between a variety of terrier types and first appeared around England’s Yorkshire region during the middle of the 19th century. The early Yorkshire Terriers could be as large as 6kg and were used, similar to other terrier breeds, to kill rats. Over time, breeders produced a smaller, more beautiful dog that was a household pet and show dog, rather than a rat killer.

The placid, small-built dogs soon became popular with ladies as house pets. The breed was officially recognized by the Kennel Club in 1886.

Yorkshire Terriers have proved very popular among celebrities, Britney Spears had owned a Yorkie during her life

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.

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