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How You Can Help Calm Your Dog

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Anxiety proves to be daunting and interferes with the daily life of humans. The man-kind is not the only creature who suffers from such psychiatric ailments. Even your dog might undergo regular anxiety spells due to various reasons. From excessive barking to complete withdrawal, the range of anxiety symptoms amongst dogs is widespread. Usually, the generalized anxious behavior results from fear of being alone, lack of attention from the owner, and excessive interaction with strangers. Like any other disease, you can control the anxious dogs with a few easy tips. 

Keep reading to know the best ways to control excessive anxiety and restlessness in dogs.

1.   Go For Exercise

Anxiety is a psychiatric illness that induces an excessive load of energy within your dog. Hence, physical exercises might help in draining the energy out. You are likely to bond well with your pet while exercising than with any other activity. Look out for dog exercises and go for the low to medium intensity ones at first. Gradually, if the need persists, you can move to the high-intensity exercises and work on your dog’s fitness. Regular exercise also reduces the stress hormones and increases the levels of endorphins neurotransmitters. Hence, your dog feels a sense of well-being and relaxation after a sweaty training session. Go for a run or a game of fetch using the frisbee to relieve the tension and ease out your anxious pet. 

2.   Make Use Of Therapeutic Oils

When it comes to anxiety, there are many oils and supplements available on the market. However, you must go for a natural substance that induces holistic healing. Some natural oils that induce calmness amongst dogs are Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil, CBD Oil, and Sandalwood Oil. With high levels of cannabidiol, the oil stimulates the endocannabinoid system. Further, CBDoilUK enhances emotional perception, pain tolerance, and cognitive functions. That way, your dog undergoes relief from anxiety and restlessness. Make sure to massage well with the oil or give your dog the CBD supplements for optimum results. Also, keep in mind not to use the CBD Oil containing slightest Tetrahydrocannabinol content as it induces euphoria and dizziness. 

3.   Oil Massage

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Like humans, even the dogs find touch and massage quite relieving. When your dog starts acting violent or weird, try giving a warm and effective massage. Veterinary experts claim that massaging your dog relieves anxiety, strengthens their musculature, and maintains the mental well-being. It also improves body circulation and flushes the toxins out readily. As a result, your dog undergoes relaxation, calm nervous system, and enhancement of immunity. Massage alleviates anxiety and keeps the physical symptoms at bay. Start with gentle strokes on the body and take your hands down till the animal’s legs. Gradually, increase the pressure and accelerate the muscular compression. Most of the dogs fall asleep during the massage session. This acts as a sign that the animal enjoys the massage and might get better after the nap. You can do the gentle massages multiple times and the intensive massage once or twice a week for maximum benefits.

4.   Music Therapy

Research proves that anxious dogs react quite well to soft and classical music. It induces calmness and soothes your animal companion just as much as it does to you. Playing music alleviates anxiety amongst the dogs by reducing the levels of cortisol. It also decelerates the secretion of stress hormones and neurotransmitters related to anxiety. The dog suffering from separation anxiety and fear of being alone benefit the most with music therapy. Play soft rock, reggae, or classical music to induce a sense of contentment within your animal companion. 

5.   Compression Wraps 

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Compression wraps or calming coats are helpful in anxiety-prone dogs. Whether your dog feels anxious about travel journeys or being alone, compression wraps induce a sense of satisfaction. The wraps exert pressure on the body and soothe the muscles of the animal. Make sure to find the wrap that is suitable for your dog in terms of size and shape. This is because the wrap must fit the dog well for maximum benefits. You are likely to end up astonished with quick and reliable results. 

6.   Dog Training

Some dog breeds require mental stimulation regularly. Without mental exertion, they tend to turn extremely violent, anxious, and withdraw from social settings. Other symptoms like loss of appetite, isolation, and lethargy might point to the lack of training. To get rid of the anxiety, all you need to do is train your dog. Take them out and practice mentally stimulating games and exercises. From playing a ball-hunt game to getting your dog enrolled in professional training, you must opt for a suitable option. Dog training prevents further relapses and cognitive impairments. Hence, make sure to train your animal companion to keep the anxious actions at bay.

7.   Aromatherapy

Scented therapy using therapeutic herbs might alleviate anxious thoughts and actions. Try using aromatherapy to get rid of anxiety in your pet. Use natural oils like chamomile, cedar, and lavender oils for top-notch effects. Aromatherapy induces calmness, tranquility, and a sense of relief in the dog’s mind. It also reduces the levels of stress hormones. Massage the oil all over your dog’s body and stimulate the physiological systems. For such purposes, it’s always better to get an aromatherapy oil after consulting a veterinarian. This might provide guaranteed results and keep the side-effects due to unauthentic products at bay. 

Bottom line 

Taking care of your pet is a fulltime job, and you must do it with perfection. If you own a dog, you do realize the difficulty in handling the anxiety-prone dogs. In case your dog begins to act all weird, chances are that it’s suffering from anxiety and cognitive impairment. Try music therapy and play some classical music to relieve stress. You can also go for aromatherapy and CBD Oil for massages and pain-relief. Other than this, exercises and dog training helps in reducing the anxious actions of a lonely dog.

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