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Simple Steps to Prevent Your Puppy from Biting

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Puppies are the most adorable creatures in the world. If you’re a dog lover or a dog owner, one simply cannot resist from complimenting that cute puppy face. Well, with every good look there comes a danger, similarly, that alluring and squishable face of your pup can give you a sudden pain. Yes, you got that right, those evil teeth behind their attractive smile is something that comes without a caution sign. Though it is a natural behaviour of puppies to bite, we just can’t ignore the fact that the natural behaviour may take a serious turn when it becomes their habit. 

It can be cute to see those sharp teeth growing in your pup’s mouth, but eventually their very sharp teeth and sudden biting behaviour can be alarming. You as pet-parents surely do not want to continue this behaviour of your pup, especially not in their adulthood. And, that’s the reason we’ve come up with the steps that will help to stop your pup from biting.

Steps To Help Your Pup from Biting 

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Redirect Your Pup’s Attention

One of the best ways to prevent your pup from biting is to redirect him from what he’s doing. Redirection is the best way you can teach your pup that biting humans or using teeth in human skin or other dogs is clearly not okay. Immediately draw back the puppy’s attention if he tries to bite you or pull your hand away before it can make contact. You can also redirect your pup’s attention by indulging him in non-contact games such as fetch or tug. 

Use Taste Deterrents

Taste deterrents are a great option as they are known as the substances designed to taste bad to dogs. You can make taste deterrents simply by using ingredients such as bitter apple or vinegar but ensure to avoid any toxic chemicals. You can spray the taste deterrent on your clothes or on your body parts that your pup often likes to play with. This will help them to control their biting behaviour and will also prevent them from biting you.

Use Best Chew Toys For Your Pet

Another ideal way to help your pet control his biting behaviour is distracting him by providing chew toys. Depending on their behaviour you can choose the best chews for your dog. It is get a chew of the appropriate size and firmness for your teething puppy. Either plastic or rubber chew, you can have a variety of safe chew toys for your pup that could match their level of curiosity.

Puppies take time to learn new behaviour or even to get over their old habit(s). Apart from biting being their natural behavior, other health issues or annoying parasites such as fleas or ticks can also be the reason that engenders irritation in your pup, which leads them to aggression. Therefore, as a pet-parent all you need to do is to ensure providing required flea and tick preventives and other pet care supplies to keep him healthy. Above all, have patience, love your pup and be supportive instead of punishing him.

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